Make up to 100 QR Codes at the same time

  • I follow Tony Vincent on Instagram and learn something from Tony every single day.    His amazing website is and is full of useful resources and thing to learn. 

    Recently, Tony had a post about a tool to make multiple QR Codes at one time, up to 100!!. Frequently I have the need to make a bunch of QR codes, it is not difficult, but it takes time, I generally use QR Stuff to make QR codes, one at a time. So QRExplore is super handy for making them all at once. Anything to save me time, I am up for using.

    HINT: If you haven’t embraced Instagram yet, follow Tony and learn from him, I suspect you will discover the power of Instagram for yourself.

    Tony says……

    ( Thanks Tony for sharing your amazing knowledge educators everywhere)

    "Want to generate a whole batch of different QR codes? Then the Bulk QR Code Generator at is for you! Enter the URL or text for each code on its own line. I like that you can choose to have each code’s URL stamped onto the bottom of the code. After generated, you see a web page with all your codes. You could simply print this page and use scissors to cut out the codes. If you want to use the codes in a document, QRExplore gives you the option to download a .zip file. That file will contain a PNG image for each of your codes. 

    Why would you want to generate so many different codes at once? Well, maybe you’re planning a “scanvenger” hunt. Or maybe you want students to jigsaw content and each code opens a web link to a different topic, article, or video. Maybe each code has a different adjective that students will incorporate into the narratives they are writing. Or, use multiple QR codes to give students random compliments or reflection questions. How about giving students surprise numbers to use in a math problem? There are lots of possibilities when it’s so easy to make loads of QR codes at once! 

    HINT: Be sure to include the http:// in front of each web link you enter into QRExplore.

    So give it a try and follow Tony on Instagram for a new tip each day.