Think Different Resource: SMORE

Design beautiful online flyers and publish instantly with this web based tool. Smore  I have used it for a number of years.  Works on your computer or mobile device.  No app necessary.  Information on pricing is below, but I use only the free version.  In fact before Canvas, I would use it to explain assignment for class.  

Here is one I made a couple years about that is all about Using Smore in the Classroom.  It has been viewed nearly 3000 times.  (I think I should probably update it) After you have finished your project, it gives you a URL as well as embed code. 

It also gives you analytics, so you can see how many views, what they looked at, how they stayed, and more.   

The days of posting a flyer around the scool building on bulletin boards are over. Smore helps you create amazing pages that you’d be proud to share.  And by the way they print nicely too just in case!!

  • Instant mobile pages: Smore pages work flawlessly on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Styles and themes: Choose from a list of themes and preview them in seconds with your content. No installations ever.
  • Rich content embedding: Not just text and images, but videos, tweets, products and reviews too.
  • Drag and drop editing: Arrange your content with ease.

What is Smore?

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