Slate-Take documents and bring them to life!

I wrote about this App last spring when it came out, but now it is more than just an iPad app, your can also use it from your computer. Yippee!!

Adobe released Slate  for the iPad last spring and it is FREE.  

Take documents and bring them to life!

It is my new favorite too, both iPad and website for sure.  Slate is very easy to use, just add text, photos, choose a design and apply style & motion.  Scrolling transitions make words and images move for an engaging & compelling read.  If you’ve used Adobe Voice,  also Free,  you’ll find similarities.   A big difference in Voice and Slate is sound!!

Adobe Slate is a fun and easy way to turn any document – a lesson, newsletter, book report or presentation – into a stunning visual story, in just minutes.  Clearly, an exciting way to present information!!  This is a great alternative to a traditional report or paper.

Just type or talk to add text and use your favorite photos. Yes you can dictate to your Mac too.  (System Preference > Spec/Dictation > turn on dictation/enhanced dictation. . The to activate in any program, hit the fn key twice, a mic icon will come up and just start talking, it will begin typing. 

Choose a theme and gorgeous fonts will match, magazine-style designs and motion automatically transforms your story – guaranteeing a marvelous read on any device.  

Each Slate story you publish is simply a link.  No unrelated content, no random ads — just your story. You can share it via text message, email, social media or embed it where you want on your own website.  Anyone can view your Slate and it will look great, whether they're using a phone, and iPad, a tablet, or computer.

Find out more on the Slate website.

Learn more about Slate:  

A few stunning EXAMPLES

Find more examples at Tweets #madewithSlate 

Slate, is an extremely powerful communication tool that can be invaluable in the classroom — An easy way to share your knowledge and express creativity in visual essays, reports, journal entries, portfolios, book reports, science projects and more.  Ditch that Powerpoint! Through a simple link to the web, you can share your ideas and knowledge with the world.

Slate is free, which is kinda of unusual for Adobe, it makes me wonder if it will eventually be a paid. So, install it on your iPad now, while it is free and give creation a try using the website. 

Check Slate out, you will not be disappointed.  

By the way, we just did a Slate project in DED 318 class last week.