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Paper - Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree

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When inspiration happens, put it on PaperPaper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

Paper’s swipe-to-style formatting makes creating checklists and notes faster and more fun than any other app. The photo spotlight tool helps you quickly clarify essential details. 

Bring text, photos, and sketches together. Keep your ideas organized, and see everything in one place to make connections you can’t see in siloed lists. 

Paper’s unique visual notes are designed to help you get your point across quickly and precisely. Paper also lets you share your ideas any way you want to, including as professionally-formatted PDFs, Keynote and Powerpoint presentations. 

I learned about Paper by fifty three back in 2012. I sketch or diagram frequently. Paper 53 makes it so simple., it's magic!  I also use the app to draw.    Paper can transform any simple sketch I make into something amazing.  Now I am using it for my not taking...Sketchnotes.   I have also included some resources about Sketchnotes.

The tools give tons of opportunity for creativity.  Save Images to your camera roll or share online. Save images as JPG or as PNG. The PNG option is awesome because it means that the white background is transparent. 

In the classroom, Paper is good for:

• taking notes
• practising handwriting
• practising cursive writing
• sketching
• drawing
• technical drawing
• watercolours
• learning about colour
• blending
…and much more!


Don’t take my word for it. Have a go yourself.

A wonderful video introduction to visual note-taking