New Padlet iPad App and it is FREE

Padlet iPad app: FREE

I am always looking for ways I can use technology to help enhance learning in my classroom and I’ve been a fan of the Padlet website  for some time now, but lately had been wishing there was an iPad app, 

Wish granted….. Padlet has released an iPad App.  Yippy Skippy!!!!  It functions the same way as the website, so not much of a learning curve, but with an additional very cool feature that teachers will no doubt love.  When you want students to join your Padlet wall, they can scan a QR code with the Padlet app to instantly join.  No need for a separate QR code scanner app.  So one less thing to worry about.

What is Padlet exactly.  It is a blank slate or wall where you can collaborate.  But very different from Google Docs collaboration!  Padlet takes the concept of a blank piece of paper, and lets you put whatever you want on it and share. When you are done adding and putting things onto your wall, you can share it with others in a variety of ways.  By things, I mean, text, links, videos, images, and even attachments.  

In my opinion, the best feature of Padlet is the ability to collaborate with others easily. When you share your wall with someone or a group of people, they can contribute to your wall with the same features that you have.  It really is a great way to join forces easily and looks very nice when completed. Hold a discussion, collect resources, share information and more.  

My one suggestion, is to choose the Grid layout, otherwise you have to organize the “tiles.”  I did an App Smackdown a while back, where students added their favorite apps,  We did this in class in about 15 minutes!!

A few more resources and examples for Padlet:
How to Use Padlet

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Friday Resource: Ignite Teaching: Collaborate on Multimedia Projects


Ignite TeachingFREE APP:  The perfect tool for collaborative Project Based Learning through digital projects. Best of all, Ignite Teaching features detailed analytics that will allow you to assess individual student contributions in every group project. 

Students can finally collaborate on multimedia projects. Create the project titles and share with your students with an invitation code. Students join the project and build their slides that can include pictures, text, and video. 

Students can work on their part of the project on their own device and at their own pace. When the team is finished, they submit their work and you can see it from your account and know exactly who did what. You'll be able to see qualitative and quantitative analytics on individual student contributions in a group project through the assessment tools.

It also gives a link to view on the web.

Ignite Teaching allows you to have multiple projects running at the same time but, it is also possible to have students work on independent projects. 

It even has a browser version, but there are limitations and it warns you about accessing all features, to use the iPad app. 

  • Add text, images, and videos
  • Drag and drop content
  • Leverage layers and effects like transparencies, rotation, colors and border to customize content
  • Projects can be multiple pages
Getting Started on the iPad GUIDE:
Getting Started on the web version: