iPad Resource Tuesday: Digitize Handwritten Notes and Diagrams with Office Lens

Office Lens -  Makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable & editable. FREE

Office Lens,  is for converting pictures you take of notes on whiteboards or paper into notes that can be edited in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. 

Office Lens can scan documents “from any angle” and fix its perspective, crop it, and clean it up. It can also do other tricks like pulling contact info off a business card and more.

Office Lens exports your notes in plenty of formats including JPEG, PDF, and even Office files like Word or Powerpoint.  Probably one of the best features of Office Lens  is that hand-written work can be captured through the app and separated from the text to move and edit as individual objects in PowerPoint slides.  Then you can export right to OneDrive.  We now have access to through our new Office 365 at KSU. 

 With Office 365 and the new Office iPad apps , Office Lens should be very useful. 

An Overview of Office Lens.   

Office Lens could be a great app for students to use to snap a picture of something on a whiteboard then add their own comments to it through word or powerpoint or right inside the app.  I think this new app is worth a try.  

And it’s FREE, so why not give it a try!!