iPad Resource for Tuesday - Zaption

Zaption lets you embed questions within the video


Flipping your class and using videos. We all know that it is better to ask questions throughout the text rather than only at the end of the chapter, so asking questions after a topic is covered in the video and not waiting until the end is a better plan as well. Although that’s what we do most of the time because there is not easy way to do to ask question during the video.  

Whoo Hoo….Problem solved with Zaption!  If you want to create your first Zaption and share interactive video lessons, head over to www.zaption.com on your computer. Your students will use the app to access your video creation. This is a new way to do assessment!

Zaption lets you embed questions within the video. Students can't move forward in the video until they can correctly answer the question. 

Whether you’re flipping your classroom or in-flipping, this is a powerful tool.  Go to the Zaption Gallery and check out examples from a huge variety of content areas and grade levels: https://www.zaption.com/gallery 

Official Description: Zaption allows teachers to easily create interactive video lessons by adding images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube or Vimeo. These “learning tours” can be shared privately with a simple link, or embedded in any learning management system -- making Zaption perfect for blended learning, flipped classrooms & online classes in K12 as well as Higher Ed and training. Zaption’s Analytics also track all learner activity, so teachers get immediate and actionable data to improve instruction and personalize learning.

Here is a good tutorial by teacher Klista Rader: 

Link to all the tutorials for using Zaption: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoZaption/videos